Public Affairs

Promoting Cities and Legislative Ideas

Our on going efforts to influence public officials at the local, state, and federal levels are often done this way:

Sherwood Communications offers the following services in this area of specialty, and they involve:

  • Research: gathering information on the topic at hand, as well as analyzing all audiences involved

  • Media Relations: disseminating management’s views on the topic

  • Third Party Development: cooperating with government agencies or projects when they involve a mutual interest and benefit for the company; publicizing the partnership, if appropriate

  • Grassroots activities: motivating our target audience to participate in the political process

As the eyes and ears of your industry, Sherwood Communications gathers and processes critical information. You can expect us to monitor the activities of all parties involved, including the digital and traditional news media. Agencies are also monitored to keep track of the issue and possible votes.

Services can also include the following activities:

  • Highlighting accomplishments and resources for civic, business, and local audiences

  • Identifying events and forums for the CEO or organization executives to publicize their product or service and maximize media coverage of those events

  • Maximizing media coverage of all pertinent events and forums where the organization leaders participate, organize, and sponsoring such events as needed

  • Organizing editorial board meetings and deskside briefings

  • Identifying speaking opportunities for organization leaders

  • Increasing awareness of business opportunities with the organization among corporate leaders and investors

Ethical Guidelines:

  • Sherwood Communications maintains professional relationships based on honest and reliable information

  • Sherwood Communications seeks to protect the integrity of the public policy process and the political system

  • Sherwood Communications understands the interrelation of business interests with the larger public interests