Fundraising services include:

  • Support recruitment: creation of an effective finance committee
  • Telephone solicitation program: development of a phone list procedure to create ways to keep the candidate on the phone throughout the campaign, targeting key audiences
  • Direct mail program: persuasive fundraising letters and memos to retain supporters
  • PAC solicitation program

Preparation for raising funds:

  • Identification: analysis of audience to target; identification of partners; formation of a strategy committee and fundraising committee; identification of influential members who can write letters and organize events on behalf of the candidate, involving a thorough audit of the candidate’s relationships and views on pertinent issues.
  • Research: analysis of particular topics of interest to a target audience with interests similar to those of the candidate
  • Planning strategies: building awareness of the candidate’s positions; counseling the campaign on planning and executing this strategy; developing means of asking for donations/partnerships; formation of strategy and fundraising committee
  • Ongoing meetings with senior campaign staff to discuss key messages and needs that require fundraising
  • Formation of a database of those to target at particular levels

Execution for raising funds:

  • Execution of a fundraising strategy will build on planning based on past, current, and predicted events affecting the audience
  • Products may include, but are not limited to, memos to the audience, media clips, third-party letters, direct mail
  • Services also include: 
    • The dissemination of material (organized by theme) to target donors in a strategically timely fashion
    • Pitching or phone follow-ups to target donors and groups, such as PACs
    • Scheduling of key meetings with large donors and the candidate
    • Additional follow-up with large donors
    • Counseling the candidate on fundraising strategy
    • Monitoring of calls by the candidate
    • Development of daily lists
    • Weekly fundraising reports on progress

Third-Party Development:

  • Research: identifying pertinent third-party groups or individuals who can assist the candidate with credibility, branding, and identification issues; often includes an audit of existing pertinent relationships
  • Facilitating conference calls or other introductory meetings
  • Identifying community event activities: analysis of those activities that serve to promote the candidate by combining similar interests; events can include speaking engagements (see below), meetings, dinners, and fundraisers
  • Media monitoring: analysis of events or issues that are important for all parties or as a result of the relationship

Event Planning:

  • Research: analysis of pertinent issues related to the event
  • Invitation and program development
  • Event logistics
  • List development and pitch calls