Corporate Development


Development Comes Before Communication

There is a wide range of views concerning the strategic development process. Some see this process as being purely creative, almost organic, with little or no scope for analysis at any stage in an organization’s development. Others develop business plans that are so formal that the objective is really about monitoring the strategic plan rather than examining the practical issues surrounding corporate development.

In organizations that consistently meet their goals, effective strategic decision making involves a degree of creativity that is supported by a structured approach. The strategic development process tends to follow a series of rudiments that need to be in good working order for the public relations process to be most successful. These elements include the following:

  • Objective setting
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategic communications initiatives
  • Strategic evaluation 
  • Crisis management or unusual circumstances

There are both hard and soft models of corporate development, and we can support you with either. The secret to our success has been helping clients develop strategies that are realistic and easy to implement.

We welcome an opportunity to talk with you about how corporate development and public relations go hand in hand. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you solve such fundamental issues.

Clients include Robert Half, CASA of San Mateo County and Burnham Nationwide.