Overview of Our Capabilities

In addition to traditional media services, Sherwood Communications has a wide range of outside resources from the best in the business, specialists who are highly trained and regularly engaged in marketing and investor research, public affairs and lobbying, event planning, and media training. 

Our public relations professionals are engaged in communications in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Each publicist has decades of experience, including international agency experience. We have collaborated with clients to publicize a wide range of issues in the areas of science, healthcare, government, well-being, and consumer markets.

Our experience in healthcare includes disease prevention, management of chronic disease, medical technology, wellness, women’s health, infectious disease, biomedical science, and access to healthcare. A quick study on many medical industries, we are adept at taking on new science or topics we haven’t covered. 

Our public affairs practice creates programs to influence public opinion, promote initiatives, build reputations, support litigation, and manage issues. We have important relationships with professionals in Washington, as well as state-wide contacts. Our media contacts in various capital cities have proven to be valuable relationships for us and our clients. We continue to partner with communicators who bring specific industry knowledge and political experience to our programs. We also help clients forge critical relationships with third parties to achieve their political objectives. 

Our consumer and well-being expertise includes engaging today’s stakeholders in their industries. Our team consists of food brand specialists, academic experts, and nutrition policy experts. We can speak to many of the rewarding and successful campaigns we have created that have offered our clients the strategies that have successfully inspired their audiences.

Our corporate practice aims to build and strengthen a company's business model. This includes improving relationships with key publics, while building reputation for the better. Day to day, our job is to manage a company’s reputation and/or to improve it when necessary. Today, more than ever before, it is critical for business to be open, honest, and transparent in its communications. Our work includes measuring opinions and the strength of relationships among stakeholder groups, whether it be employees, partners, or customers. We also measure opinion among the media, community leaders, and the public. Our corporate practice comes together with our communications team to handle crisis and issues management, public affairs, and research.

We look forward to talking with you about your individual needs.