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Our Team

Sarah Sherwood, Founder and Principal

Along with a successful tenure at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Edelman Worldwide and Ruder Finn, Sarah Sherwood has been promoting organizations in the well-being, science, and medical industries, and working with top scientists and innovators for almost 30 years. Her success and creativity in the field has won the confidence of colleagues in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Sarah’s experience includes putting together the first news department at Stanford Hospital & Clinics, where she worked with both traditional and social media in order to spread news. She was responsible for building a new department that would serve the news media internationally, nationally, and locally to promote the adult hospital and all 16 clinics. Sarah managed a nearly one-million-dollar budget and developed new campaigns in both traditional and digital media that gave Stanford Hospital a record amount of media coverage.

Sarah was responsible for supervising accounts in the healthcare practice for two international public relations agencies, soliciting new business, and counseling clients in media relations and third-party development. Her efforts included working with Motorola Healthcare Solutions Group, Roche Diagnostics, the American Association of Diabetes Educators, and the American Liver Foundation. Through her relationships with The New York Times, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, the American Hospital Association, and others, Sarah was able to place her clients’ messages in high-circulation publications. In addition, she developed strategies in third-party development for her clients to assist them in forming key relationships with essential audiences.

Before settling in Chicago to work for Edelman Worldwide, Sarah was a development coordinator for the Kamber Group, the eighth largest public affairs firm in Washington, D.C. She was responsible for raising funds for the AFL/CIO and the National Lesbian and Gay Health Association. Sarah produced direct mail that raised a record amount of funds for both the AFL/CIO and NLGHA, and raised a record amount for a growing health association.

Before working at the Kamber Group, Sarah began her career in politics for Clinton/Gore in 1992. She managed an office for Kathleen Brown in 1994.

Sarah has a master’s degree in public communication from American University in Washington, D.C., and a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University.

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Gerri Kelly, Partner

Gerri Kelly is a senior communications professional with international agency, as well as corporate technology and academic medical center experience.  She is well versed in driving strategy from the center where content, media relations, and social media converge to protect and enhance brand reputation. She has nearly 30 years of communications experience, including years of senior experience in high tech and education, and on the PR agency side in media relations, consumer goods, health care, and corporate communications.  She is proud to consistently produce news consumers can use to improve their lives.

Her skills include account management; client education; writing and editing; storytelling; research & analysis; media relations; media and digital strategy; internal & external communications; managing internal & external partners; and website content management.


Heidi F. Diedrich, Partner

Heidi Diedrich brings to Sherwood Communications nearly 30 years of integrated communications experience at the international, national, and grassroots levels. She is recognized by for her ability to apply strong analytical and critical thinking to strategic communications programs that align with and advance an organization’s business objectives and marketing goals.

This experience complements her work with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where as director of media relations she established the school’s first in-house international media relations program. Under her direction, the program generated impressive media results within its first year, including coverage in The Economist, Financial Times, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, as well as National Public Radio.

While with National Dairy Council (NDC), Diedrich was responsible for establishing the first national strategic integrated communications plan for a $250-million campaign to reduce childhood obesity in the United States. The initiative, developed in partnership with the NFL, reached 60,000 U.S. schools and 36 million youth in its first year. Efforts led to the program being accepted under First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign in 2010.

Previously, Diedrich led NDC’s national and regional media relations programs. In this role, she established an integrated media relations plan to promote and protect U.S. dairy products through leveraging scientific research and educating public policy leaders and third-party experts. Efforts included traditional and digital communication, as well as a national news bureau and panel of independent nutrition experts who endorsed dairy in the human diet, based on published nutrition research.


Robert Sherwood, Writer/Editor

Bob Sherwood is our editor. He has 25 years of experience as a writer, editor, and QA tech, and is currently working as a German-to-English translator. He has 6 years of experience as a technical writer and editor in Silicon Valley, designing, writing, and editing numerous technical manuals and training documents in highly technical subject matters. Bob is able to sift a large quantity of complex material and present it clearly and simply, enabling newcomers to achieve a quick ramp-up in unfamiliar subject areas.

Bob edited the published memoir, Seven for the Run, the true story of an escape from a communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He is also one of the editors of Sharing Housing: A Guidebook to Finding and Keeping Good Housemates. Bob has published eight books, four as translator and four as author, in the field of chess history, to very positive reviews. More titles are planned.

He has also developed a number of websites for commercial enterprises and nonprofits and is currently the editor and administrator of several sites.

Bob's translation services are available with sub-specialties in the fields of psychology and high technology.

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Jennifer E. Sanders, Director, Creative Services

Jennifer Sanders is an award-winning designer with over 20 years of experience in digital and traditional design for international companies in the fields of high-tech, retail, biotech, non-profit, education, and home entertainment. She has gained tremendous project management, marketing and public relations knowledge working directly with principals and directors at these companies and through running her own creative/communications business.

Communication is her area of expertise, whether using words and/or pictures, she excels at telling stories. Her talents crossover into many areas involving creative thinking: integrated marketing, project management, advertising and public relations. Her style is relevant, contemporary, clean and intelligent.

She has created and developed numerous brand campaigns, concepts, editorial layouts, original art for magazines, websites, trade show booths and exhibits, as well as marketing, advertising and promotional collateral. She has worked on licensed brands like StarWars and Johnny Quest (LucasFilm/Galoob), Harry Potter and TinkerToys (Hasbro/OddzOn). She is also a professional photographer and copywriter.

Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from The Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Since graduating, she has continued to develop her professional skills by training and consulting with industry leaders like Adobe, Agfa, Kodak, and others. She studied Communications and Psychology at the University of Southern California and while there, assisted on several student films as part of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.