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Alternative Energy


Promoting Science of the Environment

After decades of debate and expert predictions, alternative energy’s day has arrived. Sherwood Communications looks at sustainability in terms of social, environmental, and financial factors. 

Profitability has become a major issue for energy companies: they can only survive if they can remain profitable. Our corporate development team can work with your organization to assess the business model, as well as help build programs that are more profitable, all while fulfilling the company’s environmental vision.

And given this evolving landscape, we believe the time is now for smart campaigns, grounded in research, that guide corporate development and strategic communication. Successfully addressing environmental corporate objectives requires comprehensive knowledge of the issues as well as the political experience to make an effective impact.

With more than 20 years of experience in public relations centered on political movements and science, Sherwood Communications is uniquely qualified to help tell your story. Our principals come from international agencies that pride themselves on creating and sustaining top brands in the energy field.

As executives who understand that protecting the planet and building revenue go hand in hand, we believe in what you are doing—and we'll prove that—every mile of the way.