Digital Media


Experience From the Beginning: the Complex World of the Web

From Web sites to social media, our team has counseled clients since day one about the impact of emerging technology. Many predictions were made early on about the power of the Web and how it was going to transform business. Some of those predictions did not pan out; others were more on target. The key is that the Web and its use have really evolved over time.

Early in our careers we were exposed to online divisions at several international PR firms, just when online media was getting started. In the mid 1990s, corporations that had the foresight to see digital media as an emerging business strategy rightly treated online media campaigns like traditional campaigns, by doing research and planning prior to the execution of a campaign. Many promises were made to executives about the power of a Web site and how it would transform their businesses, while communication professionals in the meantime were learning about the possibilities of this new communication medium. At that time we were busy asking questions: How would we treat these communities? What were the strengths and weaknesses? How do we establish measurable goals and how would we communicate with their leaders? Now, nearly 20 years later, the Web and social media are proven assets when used correctly. We help clients achieve increased efficiencies and generate revenue by truly integrating digital communication into an effective corporate communication strategy.

Our Philosophy on Social Media: Part of a Broader Strategic Plan

Executives are often skeptical about social media. They question digital media’s return on investment. They often raise concerns about its uncontrolled nature.  We strive to help clients understand how social media should be part of an important strategy, not only to reach one’s audience but to engage them, to really draw them in. And while social media can stand alone we believe it is most powerful, and effective, when it is part of a broader strategic communication plan. 

Social Networking is Really Not What We Would Think of as Traditional “Networking”

While authenticity is important and online communication can be more casual, social networking should be treated as seriously as any other communication that is to be made public. 

Some say that to engage in social networking is much like walking into a room with a cocktail: how do you initiate a conversation? The reality is that when you engage in social media you are not simply walking into a room. Good social networking requires content that has been well thought out and which meets the needs of specific audiences. It requires writing in a way that reinforces the brand while being on target with the topic. We offer counseling on these and many other social media issues so that your time is well spent.