“Best Ever in Her Business”

“I have been practicing at Stanford University Hospital since 1993. I have dealt with many of the colleagues of Sarah Sherwood. I found Sarah to be one of the best ever in her business. She is courteous, intelligent and extremely competent at what she does.” 

— Camran Nezhat, MD, FACOG, FACS Deputy Chief, Department OB-GYN Stanford University Clinical Professor of Surgery and OB-GYN (adj.) Stanford University Clinical Professor of OB-GYN, UC San Francisco Director Center for Special Minimally Invasive Surgery

“Consumate Professional Publicist”

“Sarah Sherwood is the consumate professional publicist. We have worked with her over many years to help promote safe surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery around the world. She has an uncanny sense of the medical industry, medical practice, patient advocacy and technology. If there is one person who can get the word out about good things for patients and great advances in health care its Sarah.” 

Paul Alan Wetter, MD, Chairman, Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons

Sarah is an absolutely fantastic publicist and has been instrumental in raising public awareness around issues important to our company. You would be challenged to find anyone more on top of the press. She is an absolute joy to work with!!!
— Jeff Berkley
, CEO, Mimic Technologies Inc

“Goal-Oriented Style”

“Sarah's goal-oriented style resulted in quite a bit of media coverage for Mimic. Coupled with our own marketing programs, Sarah’s strategic and selective approach to media relations has had a big impact for our company. I can highly recommend Sarah in today's complex and challenging communications environment.” 

— Jan Ostman. COO, Business & Partnership Development, Strategic Marketing

"Tenacious and Intelligent Leader”

“Sarah is a tenacious and intelligent leader. I enjoyed working with Sarah because of her fun personality, open mind, and creativity. She is always willing to help others and has a great attitude.

— Rebeca Nishiura, Sr. Corporate Accounting Manager, Controller


“Consistently Successful”

"During the two years I worked with Sarah, she developed and maintained great relationships with the media and was consistently successful at securing valuable coverage for SH&C.” 

Neale Mulligan, Senior Business Systems Analyst specializing in Social Business and Enterprise Social Networking

“Great Capacity to Connect and Promote People and Ideas”

"I met Sarah about two years ago. Besides being an outstanding publicist, one can tell a lot about her, about her amazing professionalism, about her great capacity to connect and promote people and ideas. Working with SARAH is not only productive, it is a JOY!

Gustavo Carvalho, Director at Clinica Cirurgica Laparoscopica

Sarah is a highly intelligent and talented PR professional with a strong focus on achieving strategic objectives. She is well-versed in orchestrating and executing successful campaigns and provides insightful counsel. Her in-depth knowledge of the media landscape produces consistent, top-tier results and exceeds client expectations.
— Vanessa Kelepecz
, Communications/PR Professional

“Seen an Expansion of My Business”

“Sarah's coaching and expert advise on my business goals have been extremely helpful. She used her knowledge of health-related business and public relations to help me clarify my goals and provided me with guidance as to the most effective actions to meet the goals. I have seen an expansion of my business as a result.”

— Cynthia Sholes, Neuroscientist

“Definitely a Leader and Expert in Her Field”

"As president and founder of Silicon Valley Women in Business, Sarah provided entrepreneurs and business women an opportunity to come together to learn and share their experiences with each other through networking, speakers and forums. She is definitely a leader and expert in her field.” 

— Janet Lash, Instructor, Certified Wedding/Event Planner, Mentorship & Workshops


“Guru in Public Relations”

“Sarah is a Guru in Public Relations. Her talent at handling both the media and clients shows the years of professional service experience she has. She is able to balance the daily details and tasks for her clients. Sarah’s strength is also being able to manage the bigger-broader picture of the client needs and telling their story.”

— Heather Durham, Visionary Marketing, Social Media, Film and Content Creator

“A True Professional”

“Sarah Sherwood is a skilled publicist who can effectively meet her clients publicity needs while staying mindful of a journalist's hectic schedule. She's a true professional and I recommend her without hesitation.

— Marcos Cabrera, Public Information Officer at Alisal Union School District

Sarah is a highly intelligent publicist. She asks great questions, gives clarity to many messages and relentlessly pursues coverage on behalf of her clients.
— Nicole Francois
, Marketing Strategist

“Unequivocally Recommend Hiring Sherwood Communications”

“Sarah is highly knowledgable regarding the nuances of her profession as a publicist. She has provided excellent support for improved outcomes to my startup business, and had the expertise and public relations experience to facilitate relationship building for a startup, or well-established company. She has assisted me with connections to other excellent professionals from website designers to media introductions. I unequivocally recommend hiring Sherwood Communications!

— Douglas Husbands, DC, CCN, ABAAHP

“Outstanding Publicist...Nationwide Experience”

“Sarah is an outstanding publicist, bringing her clients valuable exposure and cutting-edge services; she has nationwide experience. Sarah's diverse networking creates wide-ranging exposure via online and offline media.”

— Sandra Lenington, MA, Coach Academy Inc


His Translation is Fluent, Engaging and a Pleasure to Read

In his new translations of Nimzowitch's Chess Praxis and My System...Robert Sherwood has finally succeeded in rendering Nimzowitsch faithfully, something earlier translations have failed to do...[Robert] Sherwood’s Chess Praxistranslation sticks to the spirit of the writing, particularly insofar as the English text remains light-hearted and earthy...You can see right away that [Robert] Sherwood knows how to write legibly in English, and adheres to the rules of grammar. These skills are obviously essential for a translator, but have been missing in some previous Nimzowitsch translations. What's more, his translation is fluent, engaging and a pleasure to read...I'm not going to open old wounds by renewing my complaints about the most recent previous translation, but I strongly prefer this one for its legibility, grammatical accuracy, and obvious intelligence. In addition, and importantly, Nimzowitsch's earthiness, humour, and downright eccentricity have been retained from the original German. In contrast to others, [Robert] Sherwood doesn’t constantly simplify or alter Nimzowitsch’s language, and thus avoids sterilizing the best passages.

— John Watson, The Week in Chess

“Heidi is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”

Heidi is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She is crisply professional, over-the-top compassionate, through the roof enthusiastic, and terrifically organized. She has a rare ability to think big-huge-enormous thoughts and still clearly and creatively communicate with a variety of audiences. Her written communications are truly phenomenal and demonstrative of a unique and talented mind. It is a blast to get to work with Heidi because she not only gets the job done—it gets done right!

— Rusty McCarty, Chief Experience Officer & President at CustomED

Sarah handled a public relations campaign for our office and results far exceeded expectations. She is great to work with.
— Bradley Carpentier, MD