The Science of Health and Wellness

Due to advances in science, we now know that our physical appearance is actually a window into our day-to-day nutrition, wellness, and emotional well-being. Indeed, “attractiveness” is often a result of diet, fitness, and overall health and balance, as well as the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery we choose.

Sherwood Communications works with clients to build strategies to access and leverage the right influencers to positively affect consumer opinion and accelerate brand growth:

  • Our medical and health expertise puts the science behind the face and drills down to the deep meaning behind your product or service.
  • Our relationships with the news media enable us to convert your brand and the conversations around it through traditional media, social media, and events.
  • Our experience allows us to easily promote OTC, nutrition, and wellness brands in a marketplace where demand is high.
  • We create powerful campaigns that engage women, build brand communities, and drive sales.

Our specialty in this area ranges from skin care to weight loss brands, cosmetics, holistic practitioners, dentists, and plastic surgeons. Our experience with neuroscientists, biochemists, and cosmetic companies has resulted in a history of creative campaigns and industry knowledge. 

We have worked with numerous well-being industry clients, including:

  • Bay Area Hyperbarics (oxygen therapy)
  • Sephora
  • Ann Louise Gittleman
  • Dr. Mitra Ray (biochemist)
  • The Mindwave Institute (neuroscientist)