An Exciting New Innovation in Stem Cell Science 

Last week’s visit to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston was a milestone not only for me to reunite with my former residents and fellows, but with Dr.’s Mark Wong, James Melville, and Isa Hannah, who are now on their faculty validating and joining us in the research and clinical applications of the brand new Marrow Marxman®. The MarrowMarxman will launch, having been in development with CEO and Chief Engineer, Erik Papenfuss, of Lenkbar, LLC in Naples FL.

To date, the MarrowMarxman has gone through cadaver, animal, and stress testing, and produced outstanding bone regeneration clinically.  Dr. Melville and his chief resident easily aspirated 20 ml from each anterior ilium as I have done many times.  Each aspirated the 20 ml and more in only five minutes on two separate patients.

The “FlexMetric” design is patented and is a safe and effective way to harvest stem cells. The advantage of this flexible design, invented by Erik Papenfuss, makes it extremely resistant to breakage and guides the cannula to the inner cortex of the bone where the greatest number of stem cells/osteoprogenitor cells reside.  Because the MarrowMarxman aspirates bone marrow while proceeding forward in the marrow space, it does not aspirate from a well of blood as devices that aspirate upon withdrawal.  That methodology dilutes the stem cell/osteoprogenitor cell yield.

We feel this MarrowMarxman will be a “game changer” for those harvesting bone marrow for clinical grafting procedures, for obtainment of stem cells, for expansion and research, and for diagnostic purposes, all with a quick minimally invasive approach.

Look for much more information as we continue to innovate and produce a game changer product for the medical industry, and ultimately for patients.

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