In addition to traditional media services, Sherwood Communications has a wide range of outside resources from the best in the business, specialists who are highly trained and engaged in marketing and investor research, public affairs, lobbying, event planning, and media training.

Our public relations professionals are engaged in communications in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have collaborated with clients to publicize a wide range of issues in the areas of science, healthcare, government, well-being, and consumer markets.

In addition to traditional media services, Sherwood Communications has a wide range of outside resources from the best in the business, specialists who are highly trained and engaged in marketing and investor research, public affairs, lobbying, event planning, and media training.

Our public relations professionals are engaged in communications in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have collaborated with clients to publicize a wide range of issues in the areas of science, healthcare, government,
well-being, and consumer markets.

Third Party Development

Research: identifying pertinent third-party groups or individuals who can assist the candidate with credibility, branding, and identification issues; often includes an audit of existing pertinent relationships

Identifying community event activities: analysis of those activities that serve to promote the candidate by combining similar interests; events can include speaking engagements, meetings, dinners, and fundraisers

Media monitoring: analysis of events or issues that are important for all parties or as a result of the relationship

Facilitating conference calls or other introductory meetings


We understand the healthcare space.

We have many years of experience working with healthcare providers, new medical technology, biotechnology, health and well-being organizations, as well as new advancements in medicine.

An understanding of the evolving healthcare marketplace and environment

Diverse client backgrounds: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, wellness and nutraceuticals

Long-standing client relationships

Diverse resources nationwide, well versed in: consumer environment, investor relations, academia, nursing, science writing, and public health

Healthcare & Therapeutic
Industry Experience

Complementary medicine
Women’s health
Infectious diseases
Psychiatry/mental health
Men’s health

HCA (Hospital Corporation of America)
University of Miami School of Medicine
The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Mimic Technologies
Stanford Hospital & Clinics
EndoVentions Medical, LLC
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Loyola University Medical Center
Motorola Healthcare Solutions
Roche Diagnostics
Home Access Health Corporation
National Lesbian and Gay Health Association
Given Imaging Systems
Bay Area Hyperbarics
Maxim Pharmaceutical
American Liver Foundation
Alcon Laboratories

Corporate development

Development comes before communication.

There is a wide range of views concerning the strategic development process. Some see this process as being purely creative, almost organic, with little or no scope for analysis at any stage in an organization’s development. Others develop business plans that are so formal that the objective is really about monitoring the strategic plan rather than examining the practical issues surrounding corporate development.

In organizations that consistently meet their goals, effective strategic decision making involves a degree of creativity that is supported by a structured approach. The strategic development process tends to follow a series of rudiments that need to be in good working order for the public relations process to be most successful:

Objective setting

Performance measurement

Strategic communications initiatives

Strategic evaluation

Crisis management or unusual circumstances

Corporate Development Experience

There are both hard and soft models of corporate development, and we can support you with either. The secret to our success has been helping clients develop strategies that are realistic and easy to implement.

We welcome an opportunity to talk with you about how corporate development and public relations go hand in hand. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you solve such fundamental issues.

Clients include Robert Half, CASA of San Mateo County and Burnham Nationwide.

Public Affairs

We promote profound legislative ideas.

Ethical Guidelines

Sherwood Communications maintains professional relationships based on honest and reliable information

Sherwood Communications seeks to protect the integrity of the public policy process and the political system

Sherwood Communications understands the interrelation of business interests with the larger public interests

As the eyes and ears of your industry, Sherwood Communications gathers and processes critical information. You can expect us to monitor the activities of all parties involved, including the digital and traditional news media. Agencies are also monitored to keep track of the issue and possible votes.

Our services in the area of Public Affairs include:

Research: gathering information on the topic at hand, as well as analyzing all audiences involved

Media Relations: disseminating management’s views on the topic

Third Party Development: cooperating with government agencies or projects when they involve a mutual interest and benefit for the company; publicizing the partnership, if appropriate

Grassroots activities: motivating our target audience to participate in the political process

Highlighting accomplishments and resources for civic, business, and local audiences

Identifying events and forums for the CEO or organization executives to publicize their product or service and maximize media coverage of those events

Maximizing media coverage of all pertinent events and forums where the organization leaders participate, organize, and sponsoring such events as needed

Organizing editorial board meetings and deskside briefings

Identifying speaking opportunities for organization leaders

Increasing awareness of business opportunities with the organization among corporate leaders and investors

Public Affairs

The Big Wave Project
Bay Area Hyperbarics
Mimic Technologies
CASA of San Mateo County
Clinton/Gore ‘92, ‘96
Kathleen Brown for Governor 
State Assembly and Congressional races
National Lesbian and Gay Health Association

Alternative Energy

Our strategies speak to the science of the environment.

After decades of debate and expert predictions, alternative energy’s day has arrived. Sherwood Communications looks at sustainability in terms of social, environmental, and financial factors.

Profitability has become a major issue for energy companies: they can only survive if they can remain profitable. Our corporate development team can work with your organization to assess the business model, as well as help build programs that are more profitable, all while fulfilling the company’s environmental vision.

And given this evolving landscape, we believe the time is now for smart campaigns, grounded in research, that guide corporate development and strategic communication. Successfully addressing environmental corporate objectives requires comprehensive knowledge of the issues as well as the political experience to make an effective impact.

With more than 30 years of experience in public relations centered on political movements and science, Sherwood Communications is uniquely qualified to help tell your story. Our principals come from international agencies that pride themselves on creating and sustaining top brands in the energy field.

As executives who understand that protecting the planet and building revenue go hand in hand, we believe in what you are doing—and we’ll prove that—every mile of the way.


Nutrition and wellness are important influences on consumer opinion.

Due to advances in science, we now know that our physical appearance is actually a window into our day-to-day nutrition, wellness, and emotional well-being. Indeed, “attractiveness” is often a result of diet, fitness, and overall health and balance, as well as the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery we choose.

Sherwood Communications works with clients to build strategies to access and leverage the right influencers to positively affect consumer opinion and accelerate brand growth:

Our medical and health expertise puts the science behind the face and drills down to the deep meaning behind your product or service.

Our relationships with the news media enable us to convert your brand and the conversations around it through traditional media, social media, and events.

Our experience allows us to easily promote OTC, nutrition, and wellness brands in a marketplace where demand is high.

We create powerful campaigns that engage women, build brand communities, and drive sales.

Well-Being Industry Experience

Our specialty in this area ranges from skin care to weight loss brands, cosmetics, holistic practitioners, dentists, and plastic surgeons. Our experience with neuroscientists, biochemists, and cosmetic companies has resulted in a history of creative campaigns and industry knowledge.

We have worked with numerous well-being industry clients, including:

Bay Area Hyperbarics (oxygen therapy)


Ann Louise Gittleman

Dr. Mitra Ray (biochemist)

The Mindwave Institute (neuroscientist)


We know the preparation and execution that goes into raising funds.

Our Fundraising services include:

Support recruitment: create an effective finance committee

Telephone solicitation program: develop a phone list procedure to create ways to keep the candidate on the phone throughout the campaign, targeting key audiences

Direct mail program: retain supporters by sending them persuasive fundraising letters and memos

PAC solicitation program

Event Planning:

  • Analysis of pertinent, event-related issues
  • Invitation and program development
  • Event logistics
  • List development and pitch calls


A successful fundraising campaign involves identification and research of the target audience and development of planning strategies.

  • Analysis of target audience and formation of strategy and fundraising committees
  • Identification of partners and influential members who can write letters and organize events on behalf of the candidate, including a thorough audit of the candidate’s relationships and views on pertinent issues
  • Analysis of particular topics of interest to a target audience with interests similar to those of the candidate.
  • Building awareness of the candidate’s positions
  • Counseling the campaign on planning and executing this strategy
  • Developing means of asking for donations/partnerships
  • Ongoing meetings with senior campaign staff to discuss key messages and needs that require fundraising.
  • Forming a database of those to target at particular levels.


Execution of a fundraising strategy will build on planning based on past, current, and predicted events affecting the audience.

Products may include, but are not limited to, memos to the audience, media clips, third-party letters, direct mail. Additional services include:

  • The dissemination of material to target donors in a strategically, timely fashion
  • Pitching or phone follow-ups to target donors and groups, such as PACs
  • Scheduling of key meetings with large donors and the candidate
  • Additional follow-up with large donors
  • Counseling the candidate on fundraising strategy
  • Monitoring of calls by the candidate
  • Development of daily lists
  • Weekly fundraising reports on progress

A successful fundraising campaign is built on the identification and understanding of the target audience, a well-developed planning strategy, and careful execution, which we facilitate.

Digital Media

Social networking is not like traditional ‘networking’ and requires a new approach.

From Web sites to social media, our team has counseled clients since day one about the impact of emerging technology.

Early in our careers we were exposed to online divisions at several international PR firms, leading us to pose the questions: How would we treat online communities? What were the strengths and weaknesses? How do we establish measurable goals and how would we communicate with their leaders?

Now, nearly 20 years later, the Web and social media are proven assets when used correctly. We help clients achieve increased efficiencies and generate revenue by truly integrating digital communication into an effective corporate communication strategy.

While authenticity is important, and online communication can be more casual, social networking should be treated as seriously as any other communication that is to be made public.

Good social networking requires content that has been well thought out and meets the needs of specific audiences. It requires writing in a way that reinforces the brand while being on topic in a way that engages the target audience.

We offer counseling on these and many other social media issues so that your time is well spent.

Our Philosophy on
Social Media

We strive to help clients understand how social media should be part of an important strategy, not only to reach one’s audience but to engage them, to really draw them in.

While social media can stand alone we believe it is most powerful, and effective, when it is part of a broader strategic communication plan.

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