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When Podcasts Are a Good Choice for Publicity: What Should You Look For?

Late last year another national survey of American internet users showed that listeners trust podcasts less than most other news sources of information—they are mostly a source of entertainment. So why use them for publicity? Because many of their hosts have built credibility with their listeners. My experience is that I see more adoption after podcasts run. How do you know if they have potential credibility? Here is what to look for when you are considering booking a podcast:

  1. What kind of guests do they book? Are they credibility-worthy? This is one of the most important questions you can ask.
  2. If the podcast covers health and science are there academic experts booked on previous shows? Anything that provides advice needs to be delivered by a guest who can back up what they say. Academic experts are the very best sources for this kind of content.
  3. Does the host try and sell, sell, sell? You may not want to consider a pushy podcast host.
  4. What topics are covered? Are they interesting?
  5. How does the host’s voice carry during the show? Are they professional?
  6. What does their media kit say? A media kit will show you how many listeners they have (hopefully it is updated) and gives you an idea of their demographics.  Is it a match with your audience?
  7. Are they communicating something controversial? If so, how often? How would that controversy play with your audience?
  8. Do you want to be on the show? Sometimes instincts provide a good answer.

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